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History of the Calgary Pump Symposium

In 2003, a collaborative full day forum was hosted by Westpower in Calgary to discuss the  current API 610 edition and the ramifications of API and ISO's decision to have a common standard.  Key technical staff from CPC, Sulzer, Weir and John Crane – all members of the API 610 committee – took part to educate the local Calgary engineering  community about the changes that would affect manufacturers, engineering companies, and end users. 

This successful event inspired the local pump engineering community to create a one day event two years later sponsored by many of the pump manufacturers - a first of its kind symposium that offered twelve one hour lectures and a lunch at no cost to the participants. 

With the help of the founding organizing committee, and donations from the pump manufacturers, over 250 attendees were trained and informed about topics relevant to the local pump community. 

Since 2005, the Calgary Pump Symposium has increased its scope to include single day paid courses and a table top trade show to raise funds for its operations, but it continues to provide a biennial single day event at no cost that has educated over one thousand attendees.

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