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CPS Resources

This page is dedicated to things that CPS is happy to share with you! Currently we have archived symposium presentations, and periodic blog posts but we are currently working on expanding this resource!


The Calgary Pump Symposium is proud to share past symposium presentations with you! Past topics have varied greatly including:

  • Reliability Case Studies;

  • 10 Ways to Kill Your Pump;

  • Piping Design for Centrifugal vs Reciprocating Pumps; and

  • Root Cause Analysis of Machinery Failures.


The CPS blog gets updated periodically to include registration dates and times, as well as other symposium related materials.

If you want to keep in touch with us please feel free to follow along on the blog, Subscribe to our email list, or follow us on LinkedIn.

In the Classroom

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if there is an answer to the questions you have!

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