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Calgary Pump Symposium offers Engineering Training in Calgary

Since 2003, the Calgary Pump Symposium has been working to contribute with Calgary's engineering community. Every two years, experts get together to offer Engineering Training on the first day of the Symposium.

Ever-changing technologies and the need for Engineering Training in Calgary to improve productivity, strengthen the industry and our community, demand for new training courses every year. In this year's edition of the Calgary Pump Symposium, we are hosting five courses that are taking place on the first day of the Symposium (September 26, 2019).

Engineering Training Courses offered at the 2019 Calgary Pump Symposium

This year you can join experts in the industry to learn about Slurry Pumps, Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals, Electric Motors and Variable Frequency Drives, Mechanical Seals and ABSA/CRN Discussion (Intermediate course), and Pump Selection.

Slurry Pumps Engineering Training in Calgary

Our one-day course about Slurry Pumps will be taught by Dan Wolfe, Senior Associate in the Research and Development group at Syncrude Canada. Dedicated to the study and research of slurry pumps, Dan has created the perfect Slurry Pump training course where the attendees can learn the specification, operation, and maintenance of slurry pumps used in a wide variety of applications. Learn more about the course and Dan Wolfe here.

Pump Training Courses with Real-Life Examples

In the Slurry Pumps course we are focusing on real-life examples to establish the differences between slurry and non-slurry pumping applications.

Rotating Equipment Training in Calgary

This class has been designed for engineers and technicians working with Slurry pumping systems and that are involved in the specification and improvement of slurry pumps. In this Calgary engineering training opportunity, you will be able to learn from the basics of slurry pipeline flow to slurry system hydraulic design.

Full Slurry Pump Course Outline

  • The basics of slurry pipeline flow, including settling and non-settling slurries and deposition velocity

  • Slurry classification and its impact on pump selection

  • Construction and operation of both centrifugal and positive-displacement slurry pumps

  • The recommendations contained in ANSI/HI Standard 12.1-12.6-2011 "Rotodynamic (Centrifugal) Slurry Pumps."

  • System curves and slurry system hydraulic design

  • How to interpret multi-speed slurry pump performance curves

  • The effect of solids size and concentration on both pump operation and pump wear

  • Slurry pump operation monitoring techniques, and detection of incipient failure

  • Wear measurement and interpretation of pump wear patterns

  • Total cost of operation, versus capital costs

  • Dredge pumping

  • Froth pumping

  • Relative merits of different sealing and gland water control systems

Register for this Calgary Engineering Training Opportunity

Don't miss out on the chance to attend our Course 1 - Slurry Pumps in Calgary. Click here to register.

Share this training opportunity with your LinkedIn community here. Want to learn more about our 2019 Engineering Training Courses in Calgary? Check out our blog!

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