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Course 3 - Electric Motors and Variable Frequency Drives

Engineering Training Courses in Calgary at the Calgary Pump Symposium

The Calgary Pump Symposium comes back this year and has prepared five rotating equipment training courses. This September 26, you can register for this specific course in Electric Motors and Variable Frequency Drives. All of our engineering training courses are taking place on the first day of the Symposium. On the second day, we have scheduled a variety of presentations that you can check here.

Engineering Training in Calgary

Rotating Equipment Training in Calgary

Designed by experts in the industry, this engineering training course will cover AC electric induction motor design and applications. Our one-day course about Electric Motors and Variable Frequency Drives will be taught by Jochem Kamstra who is the Business Development Manager Large Motors & Drives at Siemens Canada; and Patrick Robinson who is a Senior Partner at Altelec Technical Services. Learn more about Jochem Kamstra and Patrick Robinson here.

Electric Motors and Variable Frequency Drives Course Outline


  • Motor Basic Types​

  • Common motor types used in pumping industry - squirrel cage induction motor

  • Basic principle of operation

  • Motor construction/testing and operation as applicable to pumping industry

  • Basic introduction to common industry standards

  • When to select IEEE-841, API-547, or API-541

  • Vibration issues in motors

  • Most common problem areas with examples - as applicable to the pumping industry

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs):

  • VFD basics - system architecture, introduce terminology​

  • Why is a VFD required?

  • Typical benefits

  • Pump application considerations - includes process control aspects, energy savings, and advantages of VFDs in process control

  • Mechanical effects of VFD on pump motor train

  • Installation/selection considerations as applicable to the pumping industry: size/speed limitations​ for VFD application; industry standards applicable to VFD; and challenges and gaps in the standards

  • When to use VFDs vs when it is not economical?

  • Common problem areas with case studies (Reliability aspects of VFDs in the pumping industry)

Register for this Calgary Engineering Training Opportunity

Don't miss out on the chance to attend to our Electric Motors and Variable Frequency Drives Course in Calgary. Click here to register.

Share this training opportunity with your LinkedIn community here. Want to learn more about our 2019 Engineering Training Courses in Calgary? Check out our blog!

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