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Thanks Everyone! 2017 CPS Wrap Up

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

The 2017 Calgary Pump Events were completed on two snowy and cold days in early November.  Attendence for all events was near capacity but not overly crowded and there was a great deal of information shared in and out of the meeting rooms.  The tradeshow was very busy.   The advisory board would like to thank all of the Instructors, Presenters, Tradeshow vendors, Volunteers, and Attendees for coming out to make these events a success.

All of the 2017 presentation (except one) have been uploaded to the web-site for your viewing.  Please check out the additional presentations from previous events for information to make your pumps or pump projects run better. 

The next major activity for the CPS organization is the allocation of support funds to a worthy educational organization to foster training in pump related topics like Mechanics or Engineering.  This is our way of giving back to the community.  Planning for the 2019 events will start in late 2018. 

In order to make the 2019 event even more successful that the 2017 event we need your FEEDBACK!  If you attended one or all of the events this year please a take a small portion of your time to fill in the ON-LINE FEEDBACK FORM  so we can find out what worked or did not work and what new items we should consider for 2019.  Thanks in advance!


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